Boman Scripps seeks to bring clarity to complex financial products and funding requirements and is led by Ian Robinson. Ian takes the lead on each mandate, sometimes with support from industry contacts built up over more than two decades.

Ian is a Consultant and Adviser to the Financial Services industry. Specialities include Fixed Income, Structured Credit, Structuring, Funding, Investment, Valuation and Alternative Investments. He also uses that technical knowledge to give litigation and Expert Witness advice.

Ian works with a range of clients, bringing over 20 years of experience in Financial Services, Management and implementation to create common sense solutions. Ian finds that dealing with complex products can often make it hard to clarify or keep in mind the underlying business goals. His aim is to break down complex products, processes and strategies to their simpler, constituent parts.

Ian has been a business owner since 2008, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges of small and medium business management, meaning that he is able to advise on strategic as well as technical issues.

Ian has advised on, or acted as Expert Witness in more than 20 legal disputes regarding complex financial products since 2008.

Ian gained a PhD in Law from the University of the West of England in 1996